What better way to take action than to get involved in a project? After the Paris agreements, the new IPCC report, and now COP26 it is time to take action!

Many projects are carried out in Ile-de-France for the climate and the environment! In 2021, more than €170 million from the region are dedicated to this theme. And that’s without counting all the actions put in place by associations and collectives!

The 2021 projects (for the December-January period) are now arriving on the site!

The association Climate Fresk regularly trains new facilitators to organize workshops. No prerequisite is necessary: go for it! You will be able to learn a lot about the climate and, in turn, raise public awareness of these issues. All the slots (10/week in Ile-de-France) are on the website !

Participate in shared gardens! This website is edited by the association Graine de Jardins which animates the network of shared gardens in Ile-de-France. You will find news about shared gardens and events linking ecology and citizen initiatives.

The Collectif Vélo Île-de-France is now proposing a campaign to democratize the use of bicycles ! The association brings together 41 associations, in 160 municipalities, representing 8,000 members. Since its creation in March 2019, its goal is to make Île-de-France a cycling region, where everyone can travel by bike safely, comfortably and efficiently, regardless of their age and level.

The CNRS is launching a participatory science project open to 10,000 apprentice scientists: « Behind the blob, the research ». This unprecedented experiment will study the effects of climate change on the blob. You can register now to participate in the experiment, at home!

Take part in the different projects of the Institute for Climate Economics: Training on green budgeting in Europe, carbon neutrality, climate budgeting, sustainable food and many others are topics on which the association is currently working and on which you can bring expertise and support! The whole list can be found on the website.

While waiting for the other events, here are some projects proposed directly by the region…

Ecological participatory budget

The Île-de-France region is dedicating 500 million euros over five years to its first participatory budget. Launched in the summer of 2020, this unprecedented citizen initiative on a regional scale invites all residents of the Ile-de-France region to participate by proposing projects that preserve the environment or by voting for their favorites!

Crédit photo : DR

Beyond individual and collective initiatives, Ile de France is implementing a large plan for a greener region…

Mobilization plan for ecological transformation

Faced with the ecological emergency, the Île-de-France Region wants to go even further and mobilize all of its policies to accelerate the ecological transformation of the region in 5 years. Over the period 2020-2024, investments in ecology will be increased to 10 billion euros for a greener, more breathable, more sustainable region that is also healthier, cleaner and less carbon intensive!