Many associations dealing with climate and ecological issues are present in Ile-de-France. You will surely find the one you need!

Institute for Climate Economics

The Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) is an economics and finance expert association whose mission is to advance action on climate change.

Through its applied research, the Institute contributes to the debate on climate-related policies. It also publishes analyses to support the thinking of financial institutions, businesses and local authorities and help them integrate climate issues into their activities.

Climate Fresk

The association la Fresque du Climat works to bring all individuals and organizations into the transition, by allowing the rapid diffusion of a shared understanding of the challenge of climate change. The association raises awareness among all publics, in France and in more than 40 countries.

Acting for the Environment

Agir pour l’environnement initiates citizen mobilization campaigns with environmental and consumer protection associations, professional organizations and unions, on current issues (sustainable agriculture, transportation, energy, biodiversity protection, health and environment) and pools expertise and proposals.

CARE France

CARE France, a member of the CARE International network, is an international solidarity NGO whose objective is to fight against extreme poverty and to defend human rights, by working on social and climate justice, economic development, food security… and by promoting the central role of women as actors of development. The fight against climate change is an essential element of our actions in the field and in our advocacy with political leaders.

CLER – Network for Energy Transition

CLER, the network for the energy transition, brings together nearly 300 actors in this field throughout the country (industrialists, design offices, architects, professional unions, research centers, local authorities, associations, energy information centers, etc.). Committed to promoting the energy transition and drastically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, industrial risks and pollution.

Climate Action Network

The Climate Action Network, a federation of national and local associations, fights against the causes of climate change, from the international to the local level. The Climate Action Network is the French representative of a global and European network of NGOs, which has nearly 1300 members around the world

Issues and Debates for Sustainable Development (4D)

The 4D Association is a citizen network of different actors of the territory (public authorities, local authorities, unions, associations, networks of experts, research institutes, companies) committed to social and environmental responsibility and sustainable development. It also follows the commitments made by France in Rio in 1992 and promotes the sharing of information, knowledge and experience, from local to international level.

Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man Protection of the environment

The Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Mankind works for a fair and united world that respects nature and human well-being. Its mission is to propose and accelerate changes in individual and collective behavior, and to support environmental initiatives in France and abroad to initiate the ecological transition of our societies.

France Nature Environnement

France Nature Environnement groups together 3500 associations for the protection of nature and the environment, generalists or specialists, present on all the territory. Its objectives are to stop the causes of biodiversity erosion and resource overexploitation, to protect mankind, to participate in democratic life and to change the development model.

Friends of the Earth France

The Federation of Friends of the Earth France is an association for the protection of mankind and the environment independent of any political or religious power. They form a network of about thirty autonomous local groups, which act according to their local priorities and relay national and international campaigns on the basis of a common commitment to social and environmental justice.


Since 2007, RESES is a national network composed of 140 student associations that carry out projects related to socio-environmental issues such as food, biodiversity, climate, waste, etc. We defend an ambitious vision of ecology that takes into account issues of solidarity and social equity.

Zero Waste France

Zero Waste France proposes solutions beneficial to health and the environment to reduce waste and its pollution by: advancing the regulations; accompanying the actors in the field (communities, entrepreneurs, local associations and citizens); and informing citizens on the issues of the waste world.

Climate Future

Avenir Climatique is mainly composed of students and young active people who want to act in a concrete and optimistic way for the energy/climate issues. Its primary objective is to contribute to making energy and climate issues a national priority, in particular by acting at the level of higher education, which is somewhat neglected by the subject.