Think tanks produce studies on social issues for decision-makers. In the context of environmental protection, these structures can provide politicians with recommendations.

The Shift Project

The Shift Project is a think tank that works for an economy free of carbon constraints. It is a non-profit organization, recognized as being in the public interest, and guided by the demands of scientific rigor. Its mission is to enlighten and influence the debate on the energy transition.

They set up working groups to address the most sensitive and decisive issues in the transition to an economy free of dependence on fossil fuels, produce analyses and develop innovative proposals, with the aim of providing answers on the right scale.

They also conduct lobbying campaigns to promote the recommendations of their working groups to political and economic decision makers. They organize events that promote discussions between stakeholders and build partnerships with professional organizations, academia and international actors.

Think Tank of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for the Earth and People

The Think Tank is a fully-fledged part of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation. It brings together expertise and experience from the field to consider some of the public policies of a government determined to accelerate the ecological transition while ensuring social justice.

Some of its questions: How to carry out the great ecological and social transformations that have become indispensable? The question remains unanswered, as there are so many obstacles. In terms of jobs, financing, green diplomacy… in key sectors such as agriculture, the automobile industry and energy, the Think Tank’s work provides precise diagnoses of situations that seem hopeless today, in order to better draw credible roadmaps. Through dialogue, the Think Tank and its community of contributors put their energy into answering one question: what would a government that understood?

Ecological Factory

The Ecological Factory, a pluralist foundation for ecology, is a Think and Do-Tank whose objective is to promote ecology and sustainable development on the basis of pragmatic and concrete proposals. With numerous publications on various subjects and a network of nearly 800 listed and active experts, its work is recognized as particularly serious and innovative.

Comité 21

Comité 21 is an association for sustainable development, contributes to transforming society towards a sustainable model based on the Agenda 2030 and the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). Both a Think Tank and a Do Tank, Comité 21 develops networking between actors with more than 400 members (companies, local authorities, associations, institutions, educational and research establishments, citizens and media) in the spirit of the SDG 17, and creates the conditions for an effective partnership between public authorities, the private sector and civil society.

This associative group brings together several institutions in order to strengthen the anchoring of the SDGs in the service of the transformation of territories and the regional economy.